Our fifth generation product lines are built from years of listening to our customer's needs.


Since the 1980's, LWH Technologies has been designing buisness support and operations support products for the IT, telecommunications, medical, and service industries.

Made In The USA

All of our products are designed and supported in-house here in the USA. We have three regional offices and many national and international distribution partners to serve you.


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Scalable Solutions for your IT, Incident Management, Inventory, and Management Reporting Needs

ArTrac G5 Network Management

A powerful and comprehensive suite of tools for your Network Operation Center. ArTrac G5 is a true distributed architecture, providing the same high quality tools at the market, regional, and national levels with roll-up across all levels.

NEW! The MQTT subscriber protocol has just been added for native IoT support.

ArTrac G5 Trouble/Workorder Ticketing System

ArTrac G5 Trouble Ticketing is a robust, scalable, and highly customizable ITIL compliant ticketing system with tightly integrated site information, site inventory, document management, circuit hierarchy, workflow management, and more.

ArTrac G5 Management Reporting Suite (MRS)

A web based report generation and delivery solution that produces stunning reports and delivers them to your desk, always on time. MRS uses industry standard report templates so you can create your own custom reports.

NEW! Barcode Central

Barcode Central is a touch screen (or keyboard) multi-site inventory management and tracking platform designed for warehouses, fleets, and other applications where keeping track of your inventory, parts location, and moving inventory around is mission critical. Works with industry standard wired or wireless scanners


Remote Connection Manager

Economically extend the reach of your ArTrac G5 platform or existing network management platform to monitor numerous geographically remote LANs without expensive and sometimes unworkable VPNs.

Barcode Scanners

We've tested a number of USB and wireless scanners to work with Barcode Central. For one-stop shopping, you can purchase scanners from us or we can recommend models for you to purchase from your established vendors.

NEW! Spreadsheet Central

Create, edit, and share full featured spreadsheets from any desktop or mobile browser. Inspired by Excel™, our Spreadsheet web application allows you to take your spreadsheets on the road or access them from anywhere in the world.

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