Joy's Training Video #1

Nov 11, 2014

Almost three years have passed since I wrote my article on Raising A Bite Free Rottweiler.” The article is now a top Google link. It’s amazing how many people have visited my site just because of that one article.

Joy, our female Rottie, is soon to be four years old. She has completed two years of obedience and specialized training and has received her medical service certification (not to be confused with therapy certification). She is trained to understand close to 30 commands. She also understands auto-commands - things she knows she is supposed to do in certain scenarios without being commanded.

Most of the commands she has learned have two versions - a verbal version and a visual version. I can command her verbally when outside and if in a building, where we need to be more quiet, or when she is some distance from me outside, I can give her the visual version of the command and she obeys.

One of the most popular request has been for me to create a video showing Joy obeying basic commands. I guess people want to see how a properly trained Rottweiler behaves. Today, on a whim, Judy and I decided to video Joy on a walk using a smart phone. It was impromptu and thus, not very professional.

In this video, you will see Joy responding to verbal and visual commands. I wanted to show you basic commands rather than advanced because most of the basic commands are “safety” commands. Stay, come, sit, lay down, and heal. Note that Joy is trained off-leash because when working, she needs to be off-leash.

In addition to being trained off-leash, she has been well socialized to the human world; it’s sights, sounds, noises, people, children, and whatnot. She is a very confident dog who is unfazed by distractions. This video was shot on a sidewalk on a street. Cars were edited out because of the noise.

This is an example of a Rottie that was trained using the NILIF method, discussed in my Raising A Bite Free Rottweiler article. As you can see, it really works.

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