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May 17, 2017

As of noon today we are officially homeless. Or perhaps a better term would be home free. I made one last run to the storage unit to drop off one last box then began packing the trailer. Meanwhile, the buyers of our home were at closing of escrow. My realtor, Sandee, called and informed me that all went well and the house is now under new ownership. Yay!!!!


For some reason, I’m reminded of Martin Luther King’s famous speech, “Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m free at last!!!!” I guess that sounds kind of like a burden is off our shoulders. Actually it was a great home in a wonderful neighborhood. There was a lot of joy, love, and good times in that home. But it’s not ours anymore. Another wonderful family (I’ve met them) will build new and hopefully great memories of their own. There’s a certain sense of sadness that we’re leaving some fantastic neighbors who we’ve grown fond of. But the page turns to a new chapter.

Judy and I are exhausted. We figured we would be, so last week, we booked two nights at a hotel in town to get some R&R before driving to Williams on Friday.

It seems Joy the Rottweiler is exhausted too. She’s been trying to help as best she knows how. She has been helpful in picking up items and putting them in boxes. She not a perfect packer but at least she gets it in the box. She is keenly aware that we’re starting an adventure.

Exhausted Joy

Tomorrow, we’ll meet up with my long friend and business partner, Peter, and have lunch with him. Peter and I have been very close friends and business partners for several decades.

The trailer is loaded with our yurt, tons of food, 20 gallons of water, two five gallon jerry cans of gas, solar panels, and other provisions needed for the next few weeks of boondocking.

Our Yurt

I believe I mentioned that we hate organized camp grounds. You pay to be annoyed by loud music, bright lights, and screaming by people who don’t get that there are quiet hours. So, we’ll be camping for free on public lands. More on that later.

Well, it’s 9 pm and I’m typing with one eye open. Time to hit the hay. G’night!

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