The Land Purchase

June 4, 2017

It has been a week since my last blog post. We’ve been quite busy looking at land, wheeling and dealing, and packing up camp to move to a new camp area.

Land Ho!

We found a 36 acre lot that is heavily treed and on a mild grade with gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. We made an offer on the land on Thursday. The owners counter-offered and we accepted a price below listing. We required a contingency in the purchase contract that the land must pass a perk test for a conventional septic system as an alternative system can run three to four times the cost of a conventional system - almost the price of the land itself.

Here is a view of the land from Google Earth with the boundaries overlaid.

Property Boundaries

(Click image for a full sized view)

Here is a video I shot of the property with my drone. I was flying at 380 ft., just under the 400 ft. ceiling per FAA regulations. The first half of the video shows most of the property. The second half shows the beautiful views from the property.

Property Overhead
Property From Overhead

I’ve been toying with a layout of the cabin, water cistern, pump house, and parking area. This is my initial thinking. My goal is to put a driveway, grade a pad for the cabin, and have plenty of parking space. I’m thinking I’ll have the driveway complete a loop and routed so that no mature trees will need to be removed. Likewise with the parking area and pad for the cabin.

Driveway and Cabin Layout

(Click image for a full sized view)

As for the cabin, we’re in the process of contracting the construction of an Arched Cabin. The cabin is measured and cut in Texas, trucked to the build site, and built on site by the cabin company. The cabin will be closed in by the cabin company. Following, I’ll hire local contractors to build out the interior. I’ll do much of the work myself. This is how it will look when finished.

Arched Cabin

(Click image for a full sized view)

We’ve set a closing for one month out to allow for getting the perk test completed and results back.

Time To Move Camp

Our 14 day camping limit in Kaibab National Forest was up yesterday so we packed up camp and rented a room at a local hotel to get a nice long shower and use the hotel laundry to wash clothing. On Monday morning, we’ll swing by the realtor’s office to sign the land purchase contract then head out to our next camping location down near Dogtown Lake. Google Earth shows the camping area is heavily forested with high Ponderosa Pine trees. It Should be beautiful.

Once the property passes a perk test, I’ll ask for permission from the current owner to move camp to the property so I can work on setting up the yurt - our home while waiting on construction of the cabin. We'll see how that goes.

Y’all take care and I’ll put together another blog post soon. Our love goes out to our family, friends and those who are following our adventure.

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