The Big Explosion

June 17, 2017

Holy cats!!! We were awakened by a loud explosion this morning. I'm talking an explosion that rocked our camper, followed by a lot of screaming and yelling in the camp next to us.

A tent camper in their camp site blew up. The whole side of it was blown out - a gaping hole with wood, siding, and insulation debris strewn to the ground. Much of the tent fabric was torn and melted.

A man who was in the camper was air lifted to an emergency burn center in Flagstaff in critical condition. There was also a woman and child in the camper that appear to be okay.

At the time of this writing, the sheriff and fire departments are still on the scene trying to figure out what happened. I suspect a propane leak that built up under the stove. When the man got up to light the stove to start breakfast, KABOOM!

Tent Trailer Explosion Image 1

(Click image for a full sized view)

Tent Trailer Explosion Image 2

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Tent Trailer Explosion Image 3

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June 30, 2017 Update:

I mentioned what happened to Nellie, our real estate agent the day it happened. I spoke with her again today and she shared that the exploding trailer hit front page news in Williams news paper. It turns out that she knows the family. Above, I originally wrote that the man was in serious condition. She tells me he is in critical condition but expected to live. I updated the text above.

Y’all take care and I’ll put together another blog post soon. Our love goes out to our family, friends and those who are following our adventure.

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