We Are Now Arizonans

June 29, 2017

Last week Nellie, our realtor, showed us two 12 acre lots which are side by side in the Williams Mesa Ranch area. The seller wants to sell both as a package deal. It’s not as heavily treed as the 36 acre lot we were considering up in South Rim Ranch but the soils reports show that the land will pass for a standard septic system.

One of the things we really liked about the previous 36 acre lot was the view of the San Francisco Peaks and Bill Williams Mountain. It turns out that the 24 acre parcels are on higher ground and also have a fantastic view of both. So, we’ll be sipping coffee in the morning on our front porch and taking in the beautiful vistas.

24 Acres in Howard Mesa Ranch

(Click image for a full sized view)

Following some negotiating, we agreed to purchase the land at what we feel is a reasonable price. We should be able to close escrow within two weeks. Following, we’ll move onto our land and start erecting the yurt, putting in an access road, installing the septic system, having the 3,000 gallon water cistern erected, and preparing the pad where the cabin will be built.

Time At the DMV

I’ve been hearing how crowded and slow it is at the Arizona DMV. The Nevada registration on our car is due to expire so we made the 30 minute drive to Flagstaff to register the car in Arizona.

My experience was nothing like I was expecting. I was serviced quickly, received a new Arizona license plate and Arizona title for the car. I was in and out in 30 minutes. Now that the car is registered in Arizona, we are now officially Arizonans.

It's Official With Arizona Plates

(Click image for a full sized view)

Lots of construction blog posts with photos will follow over the next few months.

Y’all take care and I’ll put together another blog post soon. Our love goes out to our family, friends and those who are following our adventure.

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