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Jun. 29, 2004 - Satellite View of Grand Canyon Hike

Satellite Composites of the Grand Canyon

I spent days downloading high resolution satellite images of the grand canyon (over 70 images in total). Using Photoshop, I pieced them all together into a huge composite image.

The resulting two images are of the canyon with the Bright Angel trail marked out and one which is a photo essay of our hike. These are large files (around 4 MB each) so it isn't really practical to view them in the photo viewer of this page. To view the images outside of the photo viewer, click on the following links:

Composite Photo Essay Of Our Hike
Composite Satellite Image of the Bright Angel Trail

To download the images, simply click on the above links then using your right mouse button, click on the image. Then select "Save Picture As..." and save it to your computer hard drive.