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Nov. 23, 2006 - Camping at Bitter Springs

Description: Camping at Bitter Springs Cave Rock

Here we are again at Cave Rock. On this trip, we make friends with a desert mouse who we found scurrying around our camp fire inside the cave. He was completely unafraid of us and happily took bread from us. The last photo in this set is Sebastian inheriting the GMC K2500 for his 16th birthday. Believe it or not, the GMC is almost as old as Sebastian at 13 years of ownership. It never once broke down and has gotten us to some of the most difficult trails one can imagine. It has been through thick and thin with me. Once, during a raging wind storm, one of those huge overhead road signs snapped in a wind gust as I was passing under it. It fell on the hood and just about destroyed the entire front end of the truck. I jumped out an did a leap and roll under the cover of a nearby building overhang. Thank goodness it hit the hood and not the cab, else I might not be writing about it. In any case, the GMC was repaired, repainted, and now lives on its legacy with my youngest son.