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May. 06, 2007 - Kayaking With Friends On the Colorado River

Description: Kayaking With Friends On The Colorado River

We put in at the base of the Hoover Dam for a fun filled paddle down the Colorado River. The temperature of the water just below the dam is a cool 52 degrees as compared to the air temperature which was approaching 90 degrees that day making the thought of falling into the water, bone chilling. My wife is in the white shirt with the Tilly hat. The young blond teen, Amanda, is part of our family for this year. Her dad was called to Iraq and sadly, her mom passed away a few years back. As friends of her dad, we took her in during his tour and service to our country.

The section where my wife is climbing the water fall on a rope is a hot spring. The water temperature in the stream is around 95 degrees. After paddling for a while, we take a much needed break for lunch (courtesy of the kayak rental company). Then we head on to Willow Beach Marina, where we pull out. We all had a great time and can't wait to do it again.