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Jun. 19, 2007 - Research and Hiking in Zion National Park

Research and Hike at Zion National Park

Our Camery Hybrid is the perfect camp mobile when we don't need to go off road to get to the camp site. What's really cool about this vehicle is that it provides endless power to run our laptops. In the trunk I installed a 110VAC inverter, tied into the 12V battery in the trunk. Yes, the 12V battery for the car is in the trunk, not under the hood. We just leave the engine on. Actually, the engine doesn't run (it's a hybrid) except maybe for 10 or 15 minutes every few hours to keep the batteries charged. It's like having an ultra quiet generator. In any case, where here doing research along with the occasional hike and excursion to the river.

The hike is up to a really cool slotted canyon along the trail to Observation Point on the East Rim Trail of Zion. It is a climb of around 2500 ft. On the way back, we came across two teens who ran out of water and were severly dehydrated and nearly passed out. Carrying plenty of water and extra hydration salts, we got them reasonably rehydrated, cooled down, and walked them back out to safety.

Don't look at the final few photographs if you're afraid of snakes. This guy is a Mojave Rattle Snake who happened to be sharing the trail by the Virgin river with us. Aside from taking his photograph, we left him to go his way while we went ours. Some basic rules of thumb in the desert are: 1) Always watch where you are stepping, 2) Never step or reach into a bush, 3) Never lift up flat rocks except with a stick long enough to put your hands out of reach of the snakes that might be under them.