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Feb. 09, 2008 - Zion Winter Run

Zion Winter Run - Springdale, UT

I have to admit, this is the worst I've even been stuck in SHO8! The front end has a skid plate which protects the steering from rocks. What I didn't realize is that the skid plate acts as a sled in the snow.

What caused me to get so stuck was I tried to drive through a 3 foot snow drift across the road. The skid plate lifted the truck up off the ground and left it to rest on the hard packed snow with all four wheels off of the ground.

Of course, I was leading the pack so I had no vehicles ahead of me to winch me forward. So, it took several Land Rovers linked together by winch lines and a two point winch to get me out. Once extracted, the rest of the pack decided they didn't want to any further. Besides, there was a delicious home made spaghetti and wine dinner awaiting back at home base.