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May. 10, 2008 - Volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Every year the Big Brothers Big Sisters holds an outdoors event that has evolved into a fun day of taking kids and their sponsors for an action packed ride out at Nellis Dunes. The event is sponsored by a good friend, Bryan (the guy in the green shirt in the opening photos).

This was my first year volunteering for the event but I can tell you it won't be my last. We had a hoot! I discovered that SHO8 (our Longitude Expedition Land Rover) had very good traction in the loose sand. I only got hung up on the crest of a dune once (as did just about everyone else).

A good friend, Vaughan, came along with his white Land Rover Discovery I. He's the bald guy in the white tee shirt and sun glasses. If you ever wanted to meet a rocket scientist here's your chance. His name is inscribed on the Mars rovers currently roaming and taking pictures on Mars.

Towards the end of our "run" we had the special treat of encountering a rare Desert Tortoise.