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Jun. 10, 2009 - Camping at Toroweep (Grand Canyon)

Camping at Toroweep - North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Having worked quite a few months without respite, we decided to head off to one of our favorite off-the-road getaways - Toroweep. Toroweep is one of our nations most desolate national parks. The road to get there is a 97 mile dirt road that requires 4 wheel drive and high clearance. Going out on a Tuesday, we were pretty much guaranteed to have this neck of the Grand Canyon to ourselves.

There is no water, food, gas stations, hospitals for at least 100 miles distance so you're on your own. As usual, the scenery was breathtaking and the temperatures almost 10 degrees below normal for June, making the stay most enjoyable.

You can see we found ourselves a nice camp site right under a huge rock formation that reminds me of Ayres Rock in Australia. SHO8, our Longitude Expedition vehicle, became our home away from home for then next six days.

Sevearal days into the stay we met up with a gentleman named Tom, who drove in with his 4x4 pick-up truck with topper. We invited him to join us for camp stew on Thursday evening and enjoyed good conversation with him. The next day, he hiked into the canyon down Lava Falls trail but we never saw him again. Later we were informed that he had a heart attack on the way down the trail. We're not sure what became of him as information was hard to come by.

Judy noticed that there were quite a few humming birds passing through camp. Being the artist she is, she made a home made humming bird feeder out of a paper cup and plastic bottle then filled it up with dilluted maple syrup. As the closing photographs show, it was a big hit with the humming birds.