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Aug. 22, 2009 - Florida Vacation Visiting Family

Visiting Family in Florida

It seems I'm the family stray. My entire family lives on the West Coast of Florida except me. Actually, I used to live there but left in pursuit of my career and never made it back. I fell too much in love with the Desert Southwest.

Most of the photographs are taken at my twin sister, Susan, and her husband, Vito's, restaurant and home in Fanning Springs. Later in the photo set, we took a drive out to a commercial clam farmer and took a look at how clams are bred, hatched, raised, and cultivated. Then we bought a few bushels and proceeded to have a clam bake. Wow, was that delicious!

Finally, we took a drive out to an archeological site and toured an ancient oyster shell mountain created by indigenous people hundreds of years ago. I can't imagine how they survived without being drained of their blood by mosquitos. Maybe mosquitos don't like too much oyster flavoring in your blood?

From image 131 and on, we're visiting with my friend Tim and his mom, Phyllis, down by Brooksville, Florida. Phyllis is kind of my adopted mom. Tim and I were such close friends that his mom and dad treated me as a son. Gerald, Tim's dad, passed away a few years ago. I still miss him dearly.