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Mar. 09, 2010 - Sissys Photo Album

Sissy's Photo Album

Just two weeks ago we had to say goodbye to Sissy, our beautiful and devoted rottweiler. She was our adventure companion and a loving member of our family. She died of hemangiosarcoma - cancer of the spleen - a particularly aggressive and fast growing cancer.

As you can likely tell, Sissy loved hiking, backpacking, camping, off-roading, and exploring with us. She's seen more adventure than most dogs I recon. She was a gentile girl who loved being around people, including children. One of the most common statements made by people after meeting her was "I never realized that rottweilers were so gentile." In reality, Sissy's personality and temperament was very much characteristic of the breed.

Alas, it is with a sad heart and fond memories of our little girl, that we've put together this photo album that covers most of Sissy's life.