About Us

I am a medical research scientist and techologist, many times published in leading peer reviewed journals, RFCs, and trade journals. I am a working mathematician with a focus in time series statistics and modeling, data analyst and research study designer, and a FCC licensed RF Engineer. I have traveled the world and speak and write in four languages. I write op-editorials and articles on the subjects of medicine, technology, mathematics, climatology, and outdoor life for a number of international printed magazines and on-line venues.

I am a wilderness explorer. I’ve been to numerous archeology sites, photo documented sites not yet dug, mountain climbed, rappelled as a hobby, mountain biked, road biked, long distance back packed, slept in bat caves, and out of sheer bad luck suffered a few injures along the way, fortunately none of them slowed me down. Because of my love for the pristine wilderness, I belong to several wilderness preservation organizations and have personally presided over volunteer organizations to clean wilderness areas to restore them to their natural beauty.

The scientist and mathematician part of me makes me a natural born skeptic in a healthy sense. I accept that I may be wrong and I am open to being respectfully shown evidence that will change my mind. I am not so emotionally invested in my positions that I’m not open to new information.

The operative word in the above paragraph is “respectfully.” I blog with respect and I open my blog writings to comment. My comment rules are simple. Show respect. If you hold an opposite view to mine, you may share it without moderation, provided it’s not loaded with ad hominem (personal attack of myself or others). The use of profanity, derogatory terms, or just plain stupid remarks will result in your comments being unceremoniously deleted. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned as I don’t really care to entertain fools or political activists (I see both as one and the same). Also, off-topic comments will be warned or deleted. Posting of links to increase traffic to other sites will also be deleted. Posting of links to information relevant to your comment is perfectly okay but may cause your comment to temporarily await moderator approval. I try to approve comments that go into moderation as quickly as possible but, I do have a day job so it may take a little while.

Most people today recognize that giving personal information on the Internet is not prudent. As such, I don't offer much personal information about myself. If you wish to obtain additional information about me, please use the contact page and drop me a quick note. I'll be happy to respond if your request is appropriate and the need to know is stated.