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Experts in Dependable Off-Grid Solar and Wind Power

Since the 1980s our electronics engineers have been designing commercial scale solar and wind energy power plants for the cellular industry and for off-grid homes in remote regions of the country.

Most alternative energy companies specialize in grid-tied solar power because they are much simpler to design and build and such systems need not be designed to provide uninterruptible power because the residence or building is connected to commercial (grid) power at all times. The solar panels and wind generator (if one is installed) simply reduce the electric bill but are not relied upon to provide power independent of the electric grid. Hence they are called grid-tied systems. 95% of all residential or commercial alternative energy systems are grid-tied.

An off-grid system is somewhat more complicated and must be designed to provide reliable power according to the total and peak energy needs of the household or commercial building with sufficient energy storage capacity for nighttime and overcast days and/or days with no wind, keeping in mind there is no electrical grid connection as a backup. 100% of the energy needs of the end user must be supplied by the alternative energy system without interruption.

There are many hundreds of alternative energy companies that offer grid-tied systems and relatively few that offer off-grid systems due to a large difference in the complexity, knowledge base, and experience levels between the two, with off-grid being the more complex in equipment and design details. Integrated Solar and Wind specializes in equipment, hardware, design, consulting, repair, and expansion of off-grid systems only. This is our unique industry expertise.

Our engineers not only design off-grid systems for commercial and residential users, some of our engineers live off grid themselves and rely upon reliable off-grid alternative energy systems they designed. For this reason, you can trust that we are experienced in off-grid living and use our own products and designs. Through that experience, we can also recommend quality 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC energy efficient appliances (refrigerators, freezers, cooling and heating systems, etc...) that we have tested in our own homes.

We are knowledgeable of NEC (National Electrical Code) to current code requirements and can design a system for you that will meet and pass local electrical inspection.

The Balance Between Cost, Efficiency, and Meeting Your Energy Needs

Most alternative energy companies calculate a general estimate of your energy needs and often overbuild your system to compensate for not taking the time to sit down with you and put together a well thought out and comprehensive design tailored to your unique needs. It's a one size fits most approach and can add unnecessary additional expense above what you really need. Potentially worse, a general estimate may under-estimate your energy needs and leave you with a system that leaves you in the dark or spending too much on fuel for a backup generator that tries to compensate for a poor design. We will take the time to walk you through a comprehensive energy analysis so that we can design a system that meets your needs and is expandable as your needs expand.

Integrated Solar and Wind will take the time to offer insight into convenient alternative methods of heating, cooling, lighting, refrigeration, hot water, and even entertainment systems that are much more energy efficient, saving you significant cost in your off-grid system, maintenance, building construction, and ongoing operational expenses. We're not only experts in designing a solar/wind energy system, we're also experts in helping you cut your energy needs without compromising a comfortable and convenient off-grid lifestyle. In doing so, we can help you come to a much better balance between the cost and size of your alternative energy system.

No Project is Too Small or Too Large

From RVs and tiny homes to cellular towers and large commercial buildings, we can design a system that minimizes your up-front costs and maximizes the energy you need. Additionally, we can provide you with the solar panels, wind generators, charge controllers, batteries and battery boxes, inverters, cabling, connectors, and mounting systems at some of the best prices in the country as we are distributors for a number of solar equipment manufacturers and warehouses. Much of our equipment is warehoused by us. This dramatically reduces delivery and construction time while saving you significant cost.

Are You a DIY'er or Do You Prefer a Full Turnkey Solution?

Many people like to build things themselves. We find that many DIY'ers (Do It Yourself'ers) prefer to install their own systems and only need a little design help or consulting to get them started or finished. We're pleased to lend a hand at whatever level of assistance you need. Let us know what you're needs are and we'll be pleased to look at how we can assist in economical ways. And we're always looking for opportunities to apply our insights and experience to solve problems for you, saving you money, and adding value and performance to your system in ways you may not have considered. Think of it as having an extra set of experienced eyes looking over your shoulder and helping you to avoid expensive mistakes.

If you're not a DIY'er and prefer a full Turnkey approach, we can handle all of the details of building your alternative energy system from design, equipment selection, construction, to turning on the lights with a fully operational power system that will meet your long term energy needs.

Know What You're Getting and What It Will Cost

We don't charge by time and materials. We provide a fixed and firm quote on all aspects of our scope of work and materials. Unlike some alternative energy companies, we won't tell you 3/4 of the way into your system build that there are cost overruns that you will need to make up. We've had enough experience in designing and building systems that we don't make those kinds of inexperienced mistakes. When we provide a quote to you, there's no hidden costs and we guarantee delivery of what we quote with your total satisfaction in mind.

Partnering With Arched Cabins

Arched Cabins is a premiere national provider of a number of cabin kits for those who want to build a unique and beautiful cabin. Take a look at the kits they offer.

Integrated Solar and Wind has partnered with Arched Cabins to provide nationwide design and consulting for their off-grid customers who need an off-grid alternative energy system. We not only understand the energy system design piece of the puzzle, we also understand and are experienced with the unique architectural design of an Arched Cabin and how to optimize our system designs to fit your Arched Cabin floor plan.

A small solar power system we built for an off-grid Arched Cabin in Northern Arizona

A compact 4,000 Watt (6,000 Watts Peak) solar power plant inside an Arched Cabin (installed during rough trades construction)

Let's Get Your Power Turned On!

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