ArTrac G5 Management Reporting Suite (MRS)

Stunning Management Style Reports for Every Aspect of Your Business

Management style reports can cover a wide range of topics and objectives. For example, annual reports, reports requested by the government demonstrating compliance with regulations, key performance indicator reports, monthly sales reports, management reports exploring specific interests, financial reports, trend analysis reports, and even predictive analysis reports. LWH Technologies’ Management Reporting Suite (MRS) does it all.

LWH Technologies takes a unique approach to report generation. While MRS supports traditional “dashboards” and ad-hoc queries, we realize that your team is mobile and often traveling. For this reason, MRS not only generates reports, it delivers them to you on schedule. Imagine sitting down to your desk in the morning with all of the reports you need to organize your team’s efforts waiting for you as e-mail attachments.

Reports can be delivered in a PDF, Excel, RTF, RTP, or plain text formats. Additionally, MRS can deliver reports via e-mail, delivered to a network drive or delivered via FTP to your company server.

An example of an MRS report on the performance of a server process

MRS licenses the industry’s most popular reporting engine by SAP Business Intelligence. Using off-the-shelf report creation tools like Crystal Reports, you can create any report layout you can envision. MRS is compatible with most popular databases as data sources, including Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, to name a few. It can also import data from CSV and Excel data tables.

MRS comes with a unique report plug-in that adds 72 additional well tested industry standard formulas and statistical models to aid you with report creations so you can focus on results rather than low level formula writing. Included in our plug in is Erlang models, CCS conversions, units conversion, precision conversions, data type conversion, trend analysis models, and many other functions that are useful to analyzing your business intelligence.

All popular graph types are supported in 2D and 3D for visually stunning reports. Graphs can be combined with tabulated text tables.

Create your own reports or we can create them for you. Chances are we have a base report template that can easily be customized to your requirements. And, best of all, we don’t lock our reports. You can modify them as needed and even use them as examples to create new reports. That’s the beauty of using MRS’ non-proprietary industry standard design for your reporting needs.

MRS can be used as a stand-alone reporting platform or as a tightly integrated module for ArTrac G5 or Sierra Vista.