ArTrac G5 Lite Freeware

Our gift to small companies and startups.

Since 1986, LWH Technologies has been providing high quality network management, work flow management, ticketing, disaster recovery, management reporting, and inventory management products for small, medium, and large businesses.

Back when we started our then very small company (named AIMS Technologies at the time). We started out with two telecommunications engineers, a software engineer, a product support agent, and a sales agent. Our first network management product was named "SwitchMon." Our second generation network management product that followed shortly, was named "ASM" (Advanced System Manager). Our first few years were somewhat lean times as our products were not known to the industry. Our first sale was exciting to say the least. That was the beginning of decades of success.

Over time our company's products became well known and our client list became impressive (see our client list today). We expanded to international distribution with customers worldwide through a number of distributors and channel partners.

We know the challenges of small companies and startups - we've been there!

We know how challenging it can be to get a small startup company up and running. Most startup companies need a small network that the company depends upon for managing sales and services. If a core piece of that network fails, your company loses time, productivity, and money.

With the success of our company and today's thriving economy, we've decided to offer a scaled down version of our award winning ArTrac G5 network management product to small companies and startups for free to help you get your start. There are no strings attached! It's yours forever with a license that never expires.

What's the catch?

I did say our free version is scaled down. It will support a small network of up to ten to 15 network elements (routers, switches, access points, databases, servers, web site monitoring, and monitoring just about anything in your network that can communicate its operational status). But it does have most of the large network features we offer to our larger clients. Our desire is to provide you with a free start-up system. Then, as your company grows we hope you will consider upgrading to one of our full scale systems that you already know how to use (no database changes are required). However, there is no requirement for you to upgrade in the future.

Our free version of ArTrac G5 Lite does not come with 24/7 immediate telephone support like our larger systems. However, we will answer your product support requests and questions as quickly as we can. All support for the free version of ArTrac G5 Lite must be submitted via our web support page. Telephone support is not available.

If you would like a free fully licensed copy of ArTrac G5 Lite, please complete the request form below. A support representative will be in contact with you to understand a little about your network and arrange delivery of the system and license to you.

If you would prefer a turnkey system where, we can make arrangements with you to install the software on a small footprint server (or laptop) that we can provide for a small cost or on a server that you send to us for a small installation fee and shipping expenses.