Barcode Central

Scan and Manage Your Inventory for Multiple Sites

Your company needs to maintain an accounting of assets, parts on hand, costs, markups, discounts, vendors, and disposition of inventoried items.

Barcode Central provides a robust feature set that streamlines shipping, receiving, inventory movement, restock ordering, vendor management, cost accounting, automatic Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price markup calculations, discount pricing markdown, product description, low inventory triggers, and much more for one to thousands of inventory locations.

Inventory session management allows you to correct mistakes easily without having to re-scan items. Full field search allows you to find inventory by key words and see which locations have an item in stock. Product images show what the inventory item looks like. Scan parts into and out of inventory or simply move the items in Barcode Central without scanning. Also manually adjust inventory to account for lost, defective, or stolen items.

While Barcode Central is designed to work with our product lines, it uses an open database format with connectivity to Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle databases with field mapping, making it an ideal stand-alone barcode scanning and inventory management front-end for other 3rd party platforms that you may already own. Either way, Barcode Central is ideal for your company’s inventory management requirements.

From taking inventory, bulk scanning* of deliveries, managing vendors, adjusting and effortlessly moving inventory, Barcode Central has everything you need.

* Barcode scanners or printers are not included with Barcode Central. Barcode Central will work with most USB or Bluetooth scanners designed to input barcodes to the keyboard (97% of them do). We have also extensively tested several reliable iOS and Android barcode scanning apps for your smartphone. LWH Technologies also offer some inexpensive barcode scanners and printers or, if you prefer, we can recommend scanning and printing products we have tested.

Some Key Features

Barcode Scanner
Supports all keyboard mode capable USB and wireless barcode scanners. Most scanners support keyboard mode.
Image of a barcode being scanned
Supports all barcode formats, including UPC, EAN, 2D, 3D, shipping codes, mail codes, etc… Limited only by your scanner.
Image of a barcode
Supports single scan or bulk scan transfers - ideal for inventory mode scanning or downloading scanned items away from Barcode Central. For example, scanning items out of a fleet vehicle throughout the day.
Image of a touchscreen
Damp, dirty, or dusty warehouses often require touch screen monitors. Barcode Central provides full support for touchscreen monitors. Two touchscreen modes are supported - simple and advanced.
Image of boxes being scanned
Easily manage inventory for multiple warehouses, sites, fleet vehicles, and customers.
Image of inventory movement
Transfer inventory from warehouse to fleet, another site, or customers without re-scanning.