ArTrac G5 Front Desk

Manage your Service Personnel, Schedules, and Customers

The leading cause for start-ups and small businesses failing is they lack the tools to efficiently manage their customers, appointments, work efforts, and visualize the costs.

Front Desk is a suite of front / help desk productivity tools to manage customer and vendor information, view and manage assets and inventory*, create schedules and appointments with multi-resource work orders, workflow tracking, electronic document management, corporate web and Internet resource organizer, automatic email event notification, and management quality reports.

If you are a start-up business or small to medium sized business that makes outside service appointments with customers, manages a fleet of service vehicles, needs to manage the flow of inventory*, has employees that travel extensively, manage vendors, or needs to schedule and track your employee's time and location, then Front Desk is the perfect product for you.

ArTrac G5 Front Desk is a 100% web browser based software suite pre-installed and fully tested on a capable mini-server, all ready to serve you right out of the box.

* ArTrac G5 Front Desk provides manual entry of inventory items. If you need to manage a large inventory and need a comprehensive barcode scanning and multi-site inventory management system, take a look at our ArTrac G5 Barcode Central. It is designed to be an inventory management front end to ArTrac G5 and Front Desk but can also operate as a stand-alone solution.

Three Editions of ArTrac G5 Front Desk to Serve Your Needs

Front Desk - Standard

Includes Customer Information Management System with integrated inventory, Scheduler with appointment notification engine, Document Management System, Desktop integration to your other company web based tools, User Groups with User roles, Quick Links to internal and external web sites, Chronological event and log viewer, export information to XLS, XLSX, PDF, CSV, and RTF for collaborating, Follow-me features, Supports all major browsers, tablets, smartphones, and mobile computing devices, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI regulatory compliant.
ArTrac G5 FMS on Tablet

Color coded multi-resource views of work, projects, and schedules.

ArTrac G5 FMS on Monitors

A comprehensive Customer Information System with Integrated Warehouse and Customer Inventory.

Front Desk - Advanced

Includes all the modules and features of Front Desk - Standard. Also includes a full featured Work Order system with workflow tracking and tightly integrated to the scheduler, Work Order e-mail notification engine, multi-level escalation of missed deadlines or work not completed, automatically or manually created tickets which are auto-populated with customer information, inventory on hand, driving instructions, links to maps, and uploading of documents to tickets for collaboration with employees, vendors, contractors, etc...

With a full featured Outlook style Calendar, you can schedule customer appointments, service work, meetings, travel, and more. You can even create and assign work orders from appointments.

Front Desk - Deluxe

Includes all the modules and features of Front Desk - Standard and Advanced. Also includes an impressive and comprehensive Management Reporting Suite to create, schedule, and deliver reports on any aspect of your business, including financials, time accounting, work efforts, customer feedback, inventory restocking, commissions, schedule overviews, and anything else you can imagine. Create your own reports and schedule them to be delivered to your desk or view them in your web browser.

High quality create-your-own reports to cover all your reporting needs. Pre-made reports available.

Mini Server

Front Desk comes installed and tested in a small footprint mini-server. Fully ready to work.

Three Pricing Plans To Choose From

Subscription Based Per Agent

With only a small up-front contract fee, you can rent ArTrac G5 Front Desk as long as you need. This is ideal if you are a start-up company. At any time you can convert your rental plan to a Lease to Own or Perpetual License by paying the difference between your prorated rental and the plan of choice.Product support is included in the subscription price.

Prices start as low as $29 per month (full turnkey package including hardware and configuration).

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Lease To Own

Similar to our subscription based pricing - only a small up-front lease contract fee is required to receive your ArTrac G5 Front Desk. At the end of the lease term, the system is yours at no additional cost. There is no penalty for early buyout. One (1) and two (2) year lease terms are available. Product support is included free for the lease term then offered at a very affordable cost annually thereafter.

Prices start as low as $3,718.00 total under a one year lease plan or $3,975.00 under a two (2) year lease plan (full turnkey package including hardware and configuration).

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Perpetual License

Would you rather just buy your ArTrac G5 Front Desk outright and forego monthly payments? You can do that too. Pay for your ArTrac G5 Front Desk system and it is yours forever. Product support is included free for the first year then offered at a very affordable cost annually thereafter.

Prices start as low as $2,880.00 (full turnkey package including hardware and configuration).

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